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Kiss Me Kate: A few words from Christopher Wilkins and Steve Maler

August 17, 2013

The Boston Landmarks Orchestra and Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, along

with the entire Kiss Me Kate cast, look forward to this performance.

The play that inspired the musical, Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, is a yarn

of many threads. Characters and plotlines intertwine to a clever – and sometimes

ridiculous – extent. But Kiss Me Kate adds yet another layer. If The Taming of the

Shrew is a play within a play, then Kiss Me Kate is a play within a play within a


Cole Porter’s ingenious creation requires a multitalented cast. Performers are called

upon to sing the music of one of America’s most sophisticated songwriters while

delivering lines by the greatest writer in the English language. There is a great deal

of humor and plenty of dancing. Moods swing abruptly from the satirical to the

deeply expressive. All of this provides ample opportunity to showcase Boston-based

actors of extraordinary and diverse talents.

We are privileged to have in our cast both elite members of Boston’s theater

community and fine emerging talent. We are especially honored by Kerry O’Malley’s

participation and her enthusiastic embrace of the production. We are delighted to

have been able to attract as our male lead a genuine star of the Broadway stage,

Marc Kudisch.

Central to our production is the ebullient and creative choreography of Yo-el

Cassell, resident choreographer of Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. We are

grateful for the support of Richard Ortner and the Boston Conservatory, and for the

impeccable musicianship of Timothy Steele. We are especially pleased that tonight

the music is front and center, beginning with the artistry of the musicians of the

Landmarks Orchestra performing the original sumptuous orchestrations of Robert

Russell Bennett.

with warmest wishes,

Christopher Wilkins

Music Director

Boston Landmarks Orchestra

Steven Maler

Founding Artistic Director

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

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