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Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts

February 13, 2013

valentines dayTomorrow we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. As we began thinking about this holiday we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, what advice would our favorite composers give to us? Perhaps they would disapprove of how it has become so commercialized, but if they could, what thoughts would they share on love? We’ve composed a list of some things they might say:

Some tips on Love from your favorite composers:


Never allow a young woman nearing marriageable age to show her artistic talent in public. Regardless of how talented she may be. – Mozart

Age is not that important, it doesn’t matter whether you were born in 1772 or 1770, what’s most important is how old you feel. – Beethoven

Be original. – Haydn

They say you should never wake a woman who is in need of some beauty sleep, I say it depends on how long she has been sleeping – Tchaikovsky

Perhaps she is the love of your life, but it could be your second or even third wife who completes you. – Wagner

Never lose confidence, even in the face of mortifying failures and discouragements. – Haydn

Be generous. – Liszt

Love does not require the approval of  your family. If it’s real, they will come around. – Schumann

Don’t ask me for advice about your love life, if you can’t figure it out, that is not my problem. – Brahms


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