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A Fay Cry Performs for Free

December 5, 2012

Following the Landmarks Festival at the Shell, free concerts continued in Boston thanks to our generous supporter, the Free For All Concert fund. The Free for All Concert Fund was created to guarantee the presentation of high-quality music in perpetuity. Grants are awarded to excellent organizations bringing music and related cultural events to the general public. Following the completion of our concert series we were delighted to be able to promote other free concert events made possible by Free for All.

There is something that just feels right about keeping our fans up to date on the newest free shows – even if they weren’t performed by us! This year, the Free for All Concert fund has sponsored concerts with Vento Chiaro, Boston Musica Viva, Radius Ensemble and A Far Cry. The final Free for All concert this year will be a performance by A Fay Cry this Saturday in Jamaica Plain.  There has been such a great response to this event that the group reported “selling out” of tickets a week before the performance!

Although this week’s  A Far Cry performance is sold out, we encourage you to check their website for upcoming shows in Boston and throughout the U.S. Their approach to classical music is like no other, and we hope that everyone will get a chance to see them. In the meantime, watch the video below to get a taste of their unique take on the classics. 

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