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#FunnyFridays Promote Music through Humor

November 28, 2012

If you follow Landmarks Orchestra on facebook and twitter you’ve probably been enjoying our new #funnyfridays. The goal is to dispel the myth that classical music is boring. You might even be surprised by the true range of possibilities for classical music. This summer we collaborated with several partners including Commonwealth Shakespeare, Boston Lyric Opera and even a salsa band to show the excitement, power and beauty of orchestral performances.

We hope our #funnyfridays will encourage more young people to explore classical music, while providing entertainment for loyal fans. The best part is, it seems to be working. Our first post was of an image of Beethoven in his prime; not only did this image earn 24 likes, it also got 59 shares! These are some of the highest numbers we’ve ever seen on the Landmarks Orchestra facebook page. According to Facebook’s insights page, the post engaged 331 Facebook users and had a “virality” of 123%. This figure correlates to the number of shares the post had – this photo really did go viral for us! It was really wonderful to see how much people loved the photo that they wanted to share it with their own friends as well.

Enjoy these images that we’ve shared so far and check our facebook and twitter pages on Friday for more!

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