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Landmarks Launching #MondayPickMeUps

November 14, 2012

Who hasn’t come down with a case of the Mondays at some point or another? The daily grind can get us all a little down sometimes, fortunately for us here at Landmarks we’ve had the opportunity to work with some truly inspiring individuals. The Monday Blues seem less daunting in the face of the challenges others overcome on a daily basis. Today we’d like to share a story we hope will lift your spirits and promise there will be more to come.

On Monday, November 19 Landmarks is launching #MondayPickMeUps. Each week we will choose an inspiring story about a person or event in the arts to share on our facebook and twitter pages. Enjoy this for now but check back Monday for more inspiration!

Our first story is about someone you may already know, Armand Diangienda, winner of the first ever Charles Ansbacher MUSIC FOR ALL AWARD. The award was presented at our opening night concert on July 11, 2012. Mr. Diangienda was selected for this prestigious award because of his passion and commitment to sharing music with others. He overcame incredible odds to successfully create the Orchestra Symphonique Kimbanguista in the Democratic Republic of the Congo- the first all-black symphony orchestra in the world and the only symphony orchestra in Central Africa.

Diangienda began playing piano at the age of five and today his knowledge encompasses almost all of the instruments of classical and modern music- quite an accomplishment for someone who is entirely self-taught. He has built his symphony orchestra from the ground up, literally transforming his home into a make-shift conservatory. Some members of his orchestra walk miles through war ridden countryside to get to practice each week. That sure makes the morning commute in Boston seem like a picnic. This orchestra’s very existence provides hope and promotes peace in a country full of poverty and war.

Landmarks Orchestra founder, Charles Ansbacher, believed deeply in the power and importance of music, inspiring stories like these really drive that point home. The Charles Ansbacher “Music for All” Award was conceived by Tuan Nguyen, a trustee of the Free for All Concert Fund, and the founder of VietNamNet, the largest internet news provider in Vietnam. The award represents the living legacy of their friendship. Ansbacher was the first American to lead the Vietnam National Symphony. The MUSIC FOR ALL AWARD may only be presented once a year, but inspiration can be found everyday.

Check back Monday for more #MondayPickMeUps!


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