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Classical Cartoon Festival of 2012

October 31, 2012

On October 28th, 2011 we participated in WGBH’s 13th annual Classical Cartoon Festival. We had a table, a poster, and a large stack of musical-matching-game paper. But like our 2012 Hatch Shell concerts, the 14th annual Classical Cartoon Festival this past Saturday was bigger and better!

An excited challenger to Level 3 of our Musical Matching Game

We are constantly brainstorming new ideas to become more involved in the Boston arts community. For Saturday, we wanted to provide lots of fun and lots of prizes! This year, instead of one musical matching game we had three, with increasing levels of difficulty. Level 1 required players to match images of musical instruments to their names, it included some common instruments with one or two tougher choices – an easy game for the little ones. Level 2 was the same format but with more difficult instruments. If you didn’t make it to our table at Cartoon Fest feel free to print the games from the images below to play with your kids at home. Level 3 was the most difficult. Players were challenged to listen to song tracks and identify the instrument being played. Those who guessed correctly were entered into our grand prize drawing!

Drawings took place once every hour during the festival and included 1 grand prize drawing and 1 additional drawing. If you didn’t play level 3 of the matching game, you could sign up for our mailing list to enter the regular prize drawings! Everyone had a chance to win a prize. One winner just so happened to be waiting there when we announced her name. Her excitement from winning the prize warmed the hearts of staff and volunteers.

The success of our 2012 summer season certainly distinguished our orchestra and our mission. At this year’s Cartoon Fest, we not only made ourselves known in the Higgins Room at Symphony Hall, but we feel we made a true impact on Boston’s arts community (and challenged our fans with some fun new games!)

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