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Interview with Kyle Yee

September 27, 2012

This summer Landmarks had the privilege of working with quite a few very dedicated volunteers – many of whom attended more than one concert. One of our volunteers was 14-year-old Kyle Yee who plays the cello and showed great enthusiasm for classical music.

What’s even more impressive about Mr. Yee is his modesty. He had told us early in the season that he would unavailable to volunteer on August 15, but what he did not mention was the reason he could not volunteer. To our great surprise, we spotted Kyle playing the cello with the Longwood Symphony Orchestra, our guest at the 2012 Festival at the Shell! We knew that Kyle had studied cello but had no idea how accomplished he was with the instrument. Landmarks staff took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about Kyle and his accomplishments and inspirations

1. How old were you when you started playing the cello?

I started the cello in 2008 at age 10.

2. What inspired you to pick up a musical instrument?

In third grade, my elementary school had a requirement to play a musical instrument (but I liked the idea of course).
3. Are there any other instruments you’d like to try someday?
I would like to try bassoon or restart piano.
4. How did you hear about Landmarks Orchestra and what inspired you to volunteer with the organization?
I heard about the orchestra through my school’s community service director, Frederique Thiebault-Adjout. I was inspired to volunteer because I was excited by the prospect to listen to good music while still doing something useful for other people.
5. How did you feel when you were on stage at the concert with Longwood Symphony Orchestra?
I felt great as I have never played with an orchestra of that level.
6. . What was your favorite moment as a volunteer with Landmarks Orchestra?
My favorite moment was assisting people who had disabilities so they could enjoy classical music.
7. What other organizations have you volunteered with and what did you do?
Over this summer I also volunteered with the Hale House, which is a rest home in Back Bay. When I was there I helped senior citizens with daily activities, made presentations, and preformed cello for them.
8.  Do you have any upcoming performances?
My next performance will be at 7:30 on Friday, December 7th with the Commonwealth School orchestra at the First Church in Boston. I also have a performance on December 15th with NEC’s JRO orchestra at Jordan Hall.
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