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A young boy’s dream to play the violin

September 1, 2012

As part of our new initiative called Notes in the Neighborhood, musicians from the Landmarks Orchestra traveled to schools, community centers and camps around Boston to participate in two programs Landmarks created this year: Viajes and our instrument playgrounds. The vision of these programs is take accessibility to a new level.  Viajes (Voyages) takes viewers on a musical journey through the Caribbean, demonstrating instruments and music native to the countries therein. Viewers young and old loved this participatory performance where singing and dancing were a must!

Viajes performance at Blackstone Community Center.

Our instrument playgrounds provide a different kind of experience where participants become the musicians. Looking back on our summer, one musical playground in particular stands out; it was a moment where we were able to help a young man make his dreams come true. One young man walked into the gym at Yawkey Boys and Girls club with a smile on his face, ready to do something he’d always wanted to do–play the violin. For this particular student  it was not enough to play just this one time. He immediately asked about the possibility of attending other events where he would have the chance to improve his skills on the fiddle.

When executive director Harron Ellenson heard of his sincere interest, she asked to hear him play and was immediately impressed by his skill. “He’s quite good for a beginner,” Ms. Ellenson said. Landmarks Orchestra staff dove in head first and began brainstorming how to help this young man explore his passion for music. After a few phone calls and a small monetary contribution, Landmarks was able to do something for this boy we had never imagined we would do: we secured him a place at the Suzuki Club, where he now has a scholarship to take violin lessons.

He is all set to begin taking lessons following the holiday weekend. This young man is an inspiration for the orchestra. He walked into Landmarks’ instrument playground with a curiosity that has grown into a passion. There is no doubt he will be a huge success if he continues to show the same enthusiasm we saw this summer. We hope to continue to help others discover the beauty and power of music.

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