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Landmarks Guest Spotlight: The Longwood Symphony Orchestra

August 15, 2012

The Longwood Symphony Orchestra joins the 2012 Landmarks Festival at the Shell tonight at the Hatch Shell for a free outdoor concert at 7 P.M. We are excited to welcome such a special and unique organization to the stage this evening as a part of our summer concert series.

The Longwood Symphony Orchestra is a group of musicians from all types of medical backgrounds in the Boston area. Orchestra members include doctors, medical students, research scientists, nurses, therapists and other caregivers. These healer musicians represent almost every major medical institution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including Boston Medical Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Emerson Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, South Shore Hospital, Tufts Medical Center and many more.

Conductor Matthew Aucoin will direct an entirely Mozart program for the concert tonight. Pieces will include Don Giovanni: Overture, Piano Concerto No. 21 and Symphony No. 41, Jupiter. This concert will also feature a special piano performance by the winner of the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts Concerto Competition.

We cannot wait to see so many talented performers on the Hatch Shell stage tonight. Hope you’ll be there at 7 P.M.!

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